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Raise Your Game – 12 week online performance nutrition package

Raise Your Game 12 week online performance nutrition package After natural talent and appropriate training, an adequate diet is known to be the next most important […]

Creatine Supplementation, a factual explanation for athletes

Summary points If an athlete is training or exercising to a competitive level and achieving all aspects of their nutrition, creatine can be considered as an […]

Part 3 – Energy and Macronutrient Considerations For Fat Loss

Energy balance quite simply is the balance between energy consumed through food and fluids compared to the energy expended through energy metabolism and physical activity. Your […]

Part 2. Gastrointestinal Issues in Athletes – Management Strategies

In Part 1 of Gastrointestinal Issues in Athletes we discussed the main causes of symptoms and in this blog we will discuss some management strategies to […]

Part 1: Causes of Gastrointestinal Issues in Athletes

Introduction and key points: Gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms are highly variable between individuals and depend on a number of factors including exercise duration, intensity and nutrition and […]

Part 2. Setting the right targets and timeline to achieve your body composition goal

Summary Points It is vital to set an appropriate calorie and weight target for your body composition goal An appropriate time-frame for achieving your fat loss […]

Part 1. Body Composition Changes In The Off-Season For Team Sport Athletes

Introduction Who are team sport athletes? A team sport athlete is anyone who participates in a competitive team sport like GAA, rugby, soccer, basketball or hockey. […]

Strategic Nutrition For Golf Performance Part 2.

Summary Nutrition for post workout recovery 3 recommended supplements for golfers Gaining a performance edge with tart juice and caffeine We have covered the essential areas […]

The Implications of a Diet With Excess Added Sugar & Practical Tips to Manage a Sweet Tooth

Sugar is a primary ingredient that is added to many processed foods Sugar is a cheap ingredient and makes foods more palatable Consuming sugar regularly and […]

Strategic Nutrition for Golf Performance Part 1

Summary The importance of everyday nutrition for your health and performance Nutrition in the lead up to a round of golf Are you underestimating the importance […]

CR Whole Body Home Workouts

No Equipment Circuits From Cillian Reardon A big thanks to my good friend Cillian Reardon who shared these excellent workouts that he developed for keeping fit, […]

A Framework of Nutrition For Achieving A Health or Performance Goal

We all need a plan when it comes to achieving our goals, this framework can be used to assess your nutrition on a daily or weekly […]

Is adding salt to your food as bad as people are lead to believe?

Summary If you are regularly physically active and eat a balanced diet salt intake is unlikely to be a risk for your health Adding salt to […]

Protein, Your Questions Answered

  What is protein? Protein is the primary macronutrient that supports growth and repair, and is involved in almost every biological process in the body. Protein […]

Is Your Post Exercise Nutrition Preventing You From Achieving Your Fat Loss Goal?

Summary The post workout recovery meal is important for athletes but much less so for recreational exercise To achieve your body composition goal you must ensure […]

Determine Your Nutrition Goal

This article will help you:  Understand how energy balance can align with your nutrition goal Select a calorie target in the “Performance Nutrition Calculator” that is […]

Daniel Davey Podcast List

Below are a list of podcast that cover a wide range of topics from goal setting, working with elite athletes, being a team sport nutritionist and […]

The Key Nutrition Considerations For Recovery From Injury

The key nutrition considerations for recovery from injury   Summary recommendations for injured athletes It is vital to meet energy demands to support the healing process […]

The 2 Johnnies Meet Daniel Davey

  I was delighted to be asked to speak on The 2 Johnnies podcast a few weeks ago for a number of reasons.; one, they are […]

How To Use The Meal Plans and Make Them Your Own

To benefit from the meal plans we want you to know: How to select a meal plan that aligns with your individual goals How to save […]

Macro Counting – Pros and Cons

Macro Counting - Pros and Cons   Nutrition has come into sharp focus over the last couple of years and with it has come many different […]

Eggs – is the message scrambled?

Eggs-Don’t get the message scrambled Summary Eggs are one of the most commonly debated foods in nutrition science Dietary cholesterol (the cholesterol in the food we […]

A Mindful Kitchen

A mindful kitchen Summary Your mindset and attitude to a task or goal has a significant impact on the outcome of that task or goal Your […]

Hydration – Fluid needs for health and sports performance

It is well established that water is essential for life and optimal physical well-being. We are well accustomed to the message that most people need to […]

The Health Buzz On Coffee

Summary Coffee is not universally good or bad for everyone. With all things considered, it is apparent that common sense must prevail when deciding how much […]

Sleep – A critical daily investment for health and performance

Sleep – A critical daily investment for health and performance Summary Sleep is vital for optimum physical and mental health We require approximately 7-9 hours’ sleep […]

Exercise for Health and Performance

Summary Exercise is one of the most important aspects of our lifestyle for health and well-being The volume and intensity of exercise you aim to achieve […]

Mental skills

Summary The aim each day is to have the ability to perform tasks to your physical and mental best The right amount of stress (sweet spot) […]

Our Humble Spud

Summary  Potatoes are a nutritious high energy food Multiple factors influence the rate at which a potato is digested Potatoes are an excellent food for athletes […]

Performance Nutrition Explained

Understanding Performance Nutrition Summary You don't need to be an athlete to benefit from making the right food choices Your nutrition must be personalised to your […]

A Healthy Obsession With Dark Chocolate

A healthy obsession with the right chocolate Introduction Given most people’s fondness for sweet tastes, something that I am frequently asked about is sweet-tasting but healthy […]

A High Performance Lifestyle

Quick Fixes and Shortcuts All too frequently the nutrition headlines that grab our attention relate to quick fixes or short term solutions for our health, sports performance or appearance. We never get tired of hearing that there is a new, faster and easier way to achieve our health goals, be…

Green Tea – One Of Natures Greatest Drinks

Introduction C.S. Lewis once wrote that “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me”. I’m not […]

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