Raise Your Game – 12 week online performance nutrition package

Raise Your Game 12 week online performance nutrition package

After natural talent and appropriate training, an adequate diet is known to be the next most important element for enhancing the training and performance of sports people. It is only in recent years that sports teams, coaches and managers in Ireland are beginning to appreciate the requirement of appropriate nutrition support to ensure that players are gaining all they can from their training and performing to their best in matches and competitions. 


For this reason, the daveynutrition team have developed the Raise Your Game online performance nutrition package for athletes. We are extremely excited about this package and have developed a range of educational resources, interactive workshops and nutrition strategies to enable teams and athletes to learn, grow and reach their potential.

The question is: does your team want to benefit from an elite, cutting-edge service to enhance nutrition education and reach their performance potential?

Research has shown that sports nutrition education interventions can increase nutritional knowledge, improve energy levels, reduce body fat, improve fitness, health and improve overall sports performance. This programme can provide players with the education, tools and practical strategies to ensure they are prepared for the demands of daily life, training and matches while working towards their goals. 

Our approach is to educate players firstly on healthy eating principles, and secondly on performance nutrition. This approach reflects our belief that a lifestyle approach to healthy eating is likely to be as, or perhaps more, important as the food eaten around performance, as lifestyle habits affect sleep, mood, stress and many other facets that can influence performance. Optimising body composition from the point of view of muscle mass and reduced fat mass is also a fundamental focus of our approach.

The daveynutrition Performance Nutrition Support Package for sports teams will help your team to:

  • Increase nutrition knowledge in order to enable teams to develop, grow and reach their performance potential. 
  • Develop whole-team strategies and measurement criteria in relation to nutrition, hydration and recovery.
  • Use this time to ensure your team returns to play stronger, fitter and more confident than ever. 

What’s involved?

A 12 week tailored performance nutrition educational course for your sports team delivered by a dedicated, fully qualified and experienced performance nutritionist. Your performance nutritionist will be either Emma Brennan or Neil Irwin.

Nutrition knowledge is essential for any athlete and team to develop, prosper and to reach their potential. During this 12 week programme, delivered over a total of 60 hours, your team will become familiar with the most up-to-date, evidence-based nutrition research and learn how to practically apply strategies to support their daily lives, training and recovery, to maximise their performance. 

Interactive and engaging workshops will take place twice per month via webinar covering the essentials of performance nutrition and will last for 1 hour, allowing for a Q&A session at the end of each. Topics will include:

  1. Overview of healthy eating principles and eating to get the most out of training
  2. Pre-match / training preparation fuelling and recovery
  3. Review: putting it into practice

Resources, recipes and full support via a Facebook group outside of webinar hours will be provided from your dedicated nutritionist.

Partnership with Kinetica:

Kinetica have partnered up with daveynutrition for this package and are kindly and generously offering selected teams a discount code to be used when purchasing Kinetica products and a shaker bottle and box of protein bars for each athlete. 


Education and support is delivered on a real-time basis using a private Facebook group administered by daveynutrition and charged on a flat rate monthly basis.

Here is the link to the application form which must be filled out and returned to us. Please note that applying does not automatically guarantee a place on the programme and places are limited.

For any further information please contact [email protected]

The daveynutrition team look forward to hearing from you!