The Importance of Team

A Personal Message: The importance of Team 

I recently listened to The High Performance Podcast with Totto Wolff and found it is a brilliant listen. 

Totto Wolfe 

Totto spoke openly and honestly in this podcast about what team means to him. 

He discussed the importance of empathy in a team, and prioritising it over engineering. Appropriately, the podcast was titled, “Empathy Over Engineering”. This is a concept and title you might not expect from the principal of the most successful Formula 1 team of all time.  

What did I take from the podcast? 

Message 1:

People create and implement systems so you must understand and invest in your team and people for consistent high performance. This will bring greater collective focus and drive standards towards the same goal.

Message 2:

Standards and behaviours extend outside of your specific role in your job or your team, the best performing teams understand that and hold each other accountable to those standards.

Message 3: 

You won’t always be at your best and often the most beneficial thing you can do for your team when you are not at your best is to be honest about it and seek the support of your team mates.

What are you going to bring to your team, family or friends to help them this week?

I truly believe that helping others succeed is the most powerful gift you can give.

“The most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed”, Adam Grant.

Here is a quick video about the impact some friends have had on me in the past.

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