Daniel Davey Podcast List


Below are a list of podcast that cover a wide range of topics from goal setting, working with elite athletes, being a team sport nutritionist and how I pursued a career in performance nutrition. I thought it would be a good idea to have all the podcast in one place. I hope you enjoy them!

Performance Nutritionist Daniel Davey’s Tips for Succes‪s‬ Real Health with Karl Henry

In this podcast we discuss:

  • How the food we eat is one of the best ways to keep healthy
  • Wellness and performance in relation to nutrition
  • Mindset around food

Sigma Nutrition Radio #306:  Daniel Davey – Food Preparation Skills, Being an Effective Nutritionist & Creativity

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Lessons Daniel’s learned upon reflecting on the book writing process
  • The creative process he employs when creating new recipes
  • Common struggles athletes initially have with eating better
  • The value of basic cooking skills
  • Creating a culture with team sport environments
  • The “hidden” skills needed to be a competent performance nutritionist
  • The value of food for people



55:25 Nutrition ambassadors

Examples of players who push boundaries and show discipline:

  • Jamie Heaslip
  • Johnny Sexton
  • Sean O’Brien
  • Stephen Cluxton
  • Paul Mannion
  • Paul Flynn

1:06:16 Advice to young aspiring athletes

1:08:15 Athletes transitioning to retirement

  • The importance of discipline and routine
  • Hormonal shifts and changes in protein intake requirements after 35
  • Feeling the loss of conversation and accountability
  • Suggested video: Muscle Matters Ted-X talk by Brendan Egan

1:11:50 Supplements

1:13:00 Daniel’s personal nutritional routine and experience with supplements

1:17:28 Tailoring nutrition

1:19:12 Concerns about supplements

1:20:20 Food and mental performance


Real Health Podcast: Elite Performance Nutrition with Leinster Rugby and Dublin GAA’s Nutritionist, Daniel Davey



Episode 41: Food Is More Than Fuel With Daniel Davey

theirishbalance.podbean.com › episode-41-with-daniel-…

In this episode, we discuss understanding nutrition, challenges to a healthy dietary pattern, what we should know about our three key macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat and protein), and the importance of a healthy relationship with food. I couldn’t have enjoyed recording this episode more – Daniel is a wealth of quality and helpful information on all things nutrition and an all round good egg too! As always, let us know if you listen – tag myself and Daniel in your Instagram stories, or leave a comment on the podcast! Please do subscribe and share a review too, all support for the podcast is much appreciated.

#57 Daniel Davey (@daveynutrition) chats about working with Leinster and Dublin GAA, how to fuel your body, recovery, forming habits, meal preparation and his new book “Eat up and Raise your Game”


The Doc Fitness Podcast


Episode 35 sees Performance Nutritionist Daniel Davey on the show to discuss the in’s and out’s of performance Nutrition. On this episode we go through;

  • The mistakes Daniel sees when it comes to performance nutrition
  • Simple tips to structure your day’s eating better for performance
  • What Daniel recommends for Macronutrient Targets to fuel performance
  • The differences between Energy demands based on your sport

SNR #194: Daniel Davey – Applied Performance Nutrition for Team Field Sports


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • The importance of athlete education on nutrition
  • Building a comprehensive philosophy/framework of athlete nutrition
  • Taking scientific principles and turning them into understandable, actionable items for athletes
  • Periodization of carbohydrate intake for field sport athletes
  • Timeline for optimal pre-game fuelling strategies
  • Accounting for individuality within a team sport structure
  • Advice for aspiring or current performance nutritionists