What’s New on daveynutrition This Week 07/08/2020

What’s New on daveynutrition This Week?

  • Three simple but mouth-watering new recipes!
  • Are you currently training for a marathon? Ensure that you are fuelled and ready for race day with our brand new meal plans designed to help you to perform at your best.
  • Every runner will have different taste and food preferences, so knowing exactly what to eat and when to eat is hugely important. To help you with this we have uploaded Part 2 of our marathon preparation series which can be found in the blog section.

Nutrition news from around the world!


A recent study has found that adding cinnamon to your food may help to control blood sugar levels!

  • Researchers involved in a 12-week study have found that adding 500mg (roughly about a quarter tsp) of cinnamon to foods may help to control blood sugar levels in people with prediabetes and help to slow down any progression to type 2 diabetes. Whilst management of diabetes involves a multi-factorial approach, this is a promising piece of research however more research is certainly needed.
  • Our recipe page has been updated this week to include a tasty and simple Cinnamon Banana recipe to get you started! Or how about surprising the family this weekend with Baked Banana and Cinnamon Oatmeal or some Heart-Warming Cinnamon Oranges?!

This week on daveynutrition.com we had some fantastic new additions to the website!


On Monday, in addition to our new Cinnamon Banana recipe, we added two other delicious recipes – Sweet Chilli Steak Fajita Bowl , Hot & Spicy Thai Chicken and our Spicy Green Coconut Curry . These recipes can be accessed for free and are nutrient-dense, simple to make and delicious!

Meal Plans:

Have you seen our exciting new plans to help fuel marathon training? Preparation for long duration runs is essential to enable you to perform at your best. These plans contain easy-digestible carbohydrate-based meals with enough protein to ensure you have enough energy to fuel training and adequate protein to minimise damage to muscle as much as possible.  Meal plans are available to PRO members of the daveynutrition website. 


To help you to fully understand how to prepare a nutrition strategy specific to your marathon training, we have created a detailed blog outlining everything you need to know. Using the marathon meal plans in conjunction with the valuable information provided in this blog will ensure you are fit and ready for your next training session. 

Blogs are available to PRO members of the daveynutrition website. Sign up today to become part of the daveynutrition team!

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