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What’s new on daveynutrition this week?

  • Should you supplement with Vitamin D to protect your immune system? Check out our brand new article which answers all of your Vitamin D questions!
  • Short on time but want tasty and fast meals that match your goals? Use these meal plans to understand what kind of meals you can whip up in a slash for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time!
  • Fancy something sweet? Try our super quick and healthy Chocolate Espresso Frozen Yoghurt! This week we focus on simple, super quick mid-week recipes to help you get through a busy work week. Find them, and many more, on the daveynutrition recipe page.

Vitamin D & COVID-19

Whilst people can get the vast majority of their essential nutrients from a balanced and varied diet based on the consumption of whole, natural and unprocessed foods,, there is at least one exception to that – Vitamin D.

In addition, recent research has suggested that having adequate levels of Vitamin D in the body can provide protection against respiratory infections, if other protective measures and public health guidance is followed. Make sure to check out our brand new article this week which discusses Vitamin D and COVID-19 and our meal plans and new recipes  which are perfect for cooking quick & healthy meals.

This week on we had some fantastic new additions to the website!


We added three brand new recipes – These recipes can be accessed for free and are designed to be quick and easy-to-make – perfect if you are short on time mid-week!

Meal Plans:

We have added new plans to designed to show you how best to prepare your food for the week ahead and are full of recipes which are extremely quick & simple. Life can get busy sometimes and at daveynutrition we want to teach you the skills and provide the education about foods which can be prepared FAST during a busy week, while working towards your performance and health goals. 


How important is Vitamin D ?  Where can we get it in our diet, how much do we need and should you consider a supplement? Check out this article which answers your most common questions surrounding the Sunshine Vitamin = Vitamin D!


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