Back To School Fuel

Packing a Healthy Lunchbox

It’s that time again! Going back to school is exciting for both kids and parents. It’s a new beginning, a fresh start! It can feel like a new year’s resolution with all the plans for ‘when they go back to school’ finally coming to fruition. You’ve got the shoes, the school bag and the new pens, but what about what goes into the lunch box each day?

In this article we’re going to focus on meal planning for the whole family and putting together some healthy lunch box ideas.


Start the day with breakfast!

Both you and your kids deserve a good nutritious breakfast to set yourselves up for the day. Skipping breakfast can sometimes lead to less optimal food choices later in the day and even less energy to stay alert in work / school. Missing meals also reduces the opportunity for meeting important macro and micronutrient targets each day.

Here are some great breakfast ideas suitable for everyone in the family:

Overnight Oats


Super Greens Frittata

Scrambled Egg

Get your fibre

6/10 primary school children do not get enough fibre. Lots of our recipes are rich in fibre like our overnight oats but even including wholegrain, wholemeal and multigrain breads and wraps instead of white bread can help to add some additional fibre in the diet.

Check out our article on Fibre: Why It Matters for more information.

Or for additional tips on how to increase your fibre intake, check out this article.

Getting enough fruit & Veg

Most children in Ireland do not consume 5-7 portions of fruit and vegetables. Vegetables can be included in smoothies, pasta sauces and curries which can provide 2 portions per serving. 

Here are some tasty ways to include more fruit and veg in your children’s diet:

Eggy Bacon Muffins

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Vegetable soup

Snack right

Preparing snacks at the start of the week can be really helpful for adding into your kids lunchbox. We have a huge amount of snack ideas that can help to add some good quality nutrition in your kids diet. Check out these snacks below for some inspiration:

Granola Bars



Apple Oat Buns


Get them involved

Get your kids involved in choosing and making lunches as well as clearing out the lunch box after school. The more they can be involved in the process the better the chances of them eating it and having an interest in what they are eating. Why not try making these blueberry mini muffins with your children that can be included in their lunch box. 


Blueberry mini fuellers


Plan ahead for Dinner

Think ahead about dinner before you come home. At the start of the week have a rough idea of some dinners you can rotate between. Having your shopping list can really help to solidify this and make the process a lot easier. The shopping list can stay roughly the same each week. 

Check out this blog on how to set up your shopping list to get ahead each week: How do you food shop?

Here are some fantastic options that are suitable for the whole family. An option then can be to have the previous nights dinner for lunch the next day. Have a portion left over? Place it in a tupperware and freeze it for another day. 

Coconut Chicken Curry

5 Star Tuna Pasta Bake

Turkey Pasta Bolognaise

Planning ahead makes life so much easier and can really help to ensure both you and your family and well fueled for the busy school year!


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