2020 – What have we learned?

2020 was the year that many of our lives were turned upside down and we were faced with many challenges and frankly, bizarre situations. While it was extremely a strange and difficult year in many ways, the daveynutrition team believe that no matter what, in all situations, there are lessons to be learned. For this reason, we have reflected on the year that was 2020 and have put together some of our thoughts and the key lessons that we have learned.

What did you learn in 2020?

Daniel Davey: I learned that people are strong and resilient and when we pull together as friends, colleagues and as a community we are capable of overcoming unprecedented adversity. On a personal level I really enjoyed finding new ways to be active, experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes and creating a dedicated work space that allowed me to switch between work and downtime. I learned that even when spending more time at home your own personal health and fitness routine is vital for physical and mental health. I really noticed the days I didn’t get out to exercise or my meals had no structure, my energy levels dropped and I felt I got less value from my days. 

Neil Irwin: I have a long way yet to go but this year and the spells of isolation allowed me to go inward, reflect and learn more about myself, what drives me, what makes me happy, sad, motivated and what my core values are. 

Emma Brennan: 

Sometimes you need to go back in order to go forward. This year may feel like it has pushed many of us backwards and it often may seem difficult to comprehend having to make certain choices or be forced to do so. I have learned that often, it is necessary to take a few steps back in order to move forward, readjust and evolve. And the sooner I accepted that, the better!

What did we enjoy in 2020?

Daniel Davey: Ireland is a wonderful place with incredible people. I visited Achill island, Donegal, Fermanagh, west Cork and of course got home to Sligo when I could. I love the outdoors, waving at someone as you pass them on the road or a passing comment from a local with a phrase you never heard before like “jaysus the sight of you would warm your blood” from a local in cork. Team daveynutrition came together in 2021 and it feels energising and fulfilling to work with people who are positive, creative, hardworking and ambitious. You really do feel grateful and excited about the possibility of helping more people with their health and performance goals. Collective energy from a group rewarding and invigorating. 

Neil Irwin: I’ve genuinely enjoyed the weekly team daveynutrition meetings, the laugh we have and the catch up each week and the feeling of collectively working on a shared passion with Daniel, Emma and Kasper. I’m grateful for being able to work throughout this year with Dublin football, that has given me a lot of focus and continuous positive energy. 


Emma Brennan: Exploring new hiking routes in my locality during lockdown. – I may need new walking boots in 2021!

Adapting to working online, learning from the rest of the daveynutrition team and making plans together for the future has also been incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. It has been fantastic to have regular conversations with like-minded people who I can, thankfully, now call my friends and colleagues. 

What did we find challenging in 2020?

Daniel Davey: Not being able to visit family members, friends and not being able to get places that allows us to rejuvenate, working online and not seeing people in person and the ability to call it a day when working from home. 

Neil Irwin:

Being at home more –  I initially struggled to come to terms with that – and setting up the routines required to work effectively from home. I found it challenging to find the balance between work and switching off. 

Emma Brennan: This year has posed many roadblocks in different forms for many people. Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain motivation in a year such as 2020 and I certainly struggled with this at times but, with strong and supportive people around you, I found that we worked together to build momentum and motivation once again. 

What are we taking into 2021? 

Daniel Davey: 

A new perspective. I do feel that 2020 has changed me for the better, I will be no less hard working but I have a better understanding of what’s important to me and I have practiced not allowing myself to be dragged down by my own negative thoughts or the behaviour of others. I believe you should invest in friendships, care for others and let them know how you feel about them. In 2020 I told more people how much they meant to me and the things that made them unique and special  than ever before. It felt good, it brought me closer to my friends and colleagues and I am going to continue to do it, for them and for me. 


Neil Irwin:

A hard-earned morning routine is coming with me into the new year. I used to drift through the first hour of the day and I now use it to set me up for the day by doing yoga, exercise and then visualising the type of day I want to live. 

In addition, a few friendships that developed this year will definitely be coming through to next year also.

Emma Brennan: 

Breathing through the chaos! 2020 has taught me to remain as calm as I  possibly calm when things get a little stormy. I’ve developed a mantra – “it’ll be grand!”

What have our PRO members learned in 2020?

Sarah said: ‘I learned to take things slower and really enjoyed reading again – something I haven’t done in years!’

Thomas said: ‘I rediscovered my love of cycling and learned that I am never too old to try a new skill!

Phil said: ‘I learned to quit resisting things outside of my control and be a little more relaxed’

Deirdre said: ‘It was a very difficult year and I learned that I need the support of friends and family so I feel very grateful for them all now’

Nick said: ‘I learned to cook! Thanks to daveynutrition :)’

daveynutrition would like to thank everyone for their support in 2020 and we wish everyone a very healthy and happy 2021!

Happy New Year!

The daveynutrition team