Are you seeing the big picture with your lifestyle decisions? 

This week in my email to pro-members, I wrote about how I often find myself speaking to people about the most intricate details of nutrition. It is supposed to be interesting and fun to talk about food. Many people have become obsessed with the minutiae of nutrition and exercise, the things that really don’t make much difference in the bigger picture for our health or performance.

Things like specific foods being ruled out of the diet because they have too much ‘sugar’ or people becoming fixated on meal timing to the minute rather than ensuring they are meeting their total need for energy and nutrients each day and each week.

My message this week is don’t get sucked into those questions or lost in those conversations.

Keep the most important things in focus.

Avoid extremes, don’t focus on what others are doing, keep it simple!

Does this apply to you?

Have you recently started a new ‘diet’, cut something out of your diet or adopted a new approach to your nutrition? 

Whatever it may be, perhaps it would be a good idea to take a step back and have a think about how sustainable this new ‘diet’ or approach will be in the long run and how relative it is in the big picture. 

What would a Nutritionist say?

My advice to you as a Nutritionist and food lover, is to avoid the noise in the world of media, limit the nutrition debates in your circles, stick to your personal plan and pattern of eating and most importantly….enjoy the process!

When it comes down to it, it really is that simple! 

Need guidance?

You can use the daveynutrition website, articles, recipes and meal plans to learn about evidence based nutrition and guide you through your daily decisions.

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The Big Picture…

Have confidence that you are making the right decisions for your body, health and performance by following an evidenced based and sustainable approach.

Some helpful resources:

Precision Nutrition

World Health Organisation 

The Fit Clinic

Journal of Nutritional Science 

For more resources take a look at this article.