Pancakes for Every Day

Pancake Tuesday, also known as Shrove Tuesday as you probably know, is the day before Lent. Traditionally, this has been a day of indulging in a portion or 5, before you give up all sins and become a new person over Lent!! In recent years, the idea of pancakes has certainly evolved. They have become a popular pre-game meal or a high protein breakfast, enjoyed by many. Pancakes are so versatile! They can be made to suit your needs on high activity days, rest days, before training, after training or just purely to enjoy as a damn good meal!

My go to recipe: 

Classic Oat Pancakes 

This pancake recipe is a regular feature on my social media and for good reason! You’ll have them thrown together and on the pan in minute. A great meal to enjoy for breakfast or a few hours before competition. Serve up with the toppings of your choice. I will include a few ideas below based on my own favourites.


Higher Carbohydrate

Fuel up Banana Pancakes

These pancakes are particularly high in carbohydrates and a moderate source of protein making them a great addition to your carb loading meal plan. Topping up your glycogen stores (stored carbohydrate) before competition will support your performance and help to delay the onset of fatigue. What’s more, with adequate carbohydrates on board, you will recover faster for your next training session.

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Lower carbohydrate

Low Carb American-Style Pancakes

These pancakes have been specifically created for those of us who still want pancakes on a rest day without taking in a high amount of carbohydrates. On days when our activity levels are lower, we don’t require as much energy from carbohydrates. Having a few recipes like this one, up your sleeve is a great idea to keep your meals interesting on rest days.

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Higher Fibre Pancakes

Egg and Oat Pancakes

These pancakes are a good source of fibre with the added flaxseed. For a nice oaty bite, you can leave out the blender and just combine the ingredients in a bowl until they form a thick batter.

Given their higher fibre content, these pancakes would be more suited to a rest day or when you aren’t engaging in intense physical activity. Fibre slows down digestion and can lead to gastric discomfort if consumed too close to intense exercise. To learn more on the role of fibre in health and performance, check out these articles:

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