Why our recipes are like no other

When a recipe is uploaded to the daveynutrition website, it follows a very precise process. 

If you watch my live looking demos on Instagram, you’ll notice they are very fluid and relaxed. This is because I enjoy cooking, I am familiar with the ingredients I am using and I know what I want to achieve from the meal I am preparing. 

I might base my meal on if I need it to be high in carbohydrates to fuel my training or maybe I’m interested in creating a meal high in fibre and omega-3’s that day. Either way, I always have some degree of a plan set out in my mind before I start cooking. 

However, when it comes to uploading a recipe to the website, it undergoes a much more intricate procedure. 

Here is an insight into our process: 
  1. Brainstorm and determine objectives of recipe: consider what type of macronutrient profile the recipe should have. For example, is the objective a high protein low carbohydrate recipe?
  2. Plan the recipe: this may involve some research into ingredients and flavour combinations as well as nutrition information of the ingredients
  3. Write your shopping list: include what additional ingredients may be needed to make adjustments
  4. Go and buy the ingredients
  5. Prepare your kitchen and lay equipment out: an organised space makes the process a lot easier. Keep note of what equipment was used. 
  6. Prepare the ingredients: weigh out the ingredients, wash and prepare fresh ingredients
  7. Make the recipe: take note of each step and any adjustments that were made 
  8. Take notes of ingredients used & changes made to the recipe: these notes are then used to write up the recipe afterwards.
  9. Take photos and video along the way: this is for live cooking demos only. Show the process and the steps involved. Good lighting and angles are important here. 
  10. Take photos afterwards: aim to keep the lighting consistent in the photographs, use similar coloured backgrounds and dishes for the photographs
  11. Type up the steps of preparation, ingredients and measurements used: using the hand written notes from throughout the recipe process, the information is then typed up
  12. Note any changes that should be made to the recipe after tasting: if there are any changes needed, ie. to flavour or texture, note this down for the recipe write up
  13. Adjustments made to the recipe: this may involve remaking the recipe to test the new changes before publishing the recipe
  14. A daveynutrition team member reviews the recipe: this involves proof reading and approving the recipe for nutrition analysis
  15. Nutrition analysis completed on the recipe: this is carried out by one of the team members using Nutritics. The information is saved to the daveynutrition online database for future reference
  16. Recipe formatted for website: Data is input into the website format from nutritics, ingredients and steps are inputted
  17. Recipe exercise context and information evaluated and added: using information from Nutritics and Healthy Eating Guidelines (FSAI) and an infographic is made to display the macronutrient profile at the end of recipe the page 
  18. Recipe added to the daveynutrition website: free for members to enjoy and add to their meal plans
What makes our recipes different? 
  • They are tried and tested by Daniel
  • They have been developed with specific nutritional goals in mind 
  • They are created for people who want tasty, healthy meals
  • Easy to prepare 
  • They are nutritionally analysed before publishing 
  • Macros and nutritional information are easy to understand 
  • Ingredients are easily accessible and affordable 
  • Guaranteed to be tasty, simple and balanced
  • Variety of recipes suitable for rest days, exercise and competition days
What is different about our recipes? 

Not only do these recipes provide you with guidance on how to prepare your meals. They also provide you with information and context on how each recipe can fit into your meal plan and what it will contribute to your diet. 

Take a look at this recipe for Meatballs and Chips for example:

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If you have any questions on our recipes, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]