The daveynutrition Valentine’s Day Menu

Valentine’s Day: a day celebrating love and romance, sending cards, chocolates and flowers or maybe just exchanging a simple but meaningful, “I love you”.

Often Valentine’s day involves indulging in that box of chocolates from your partner, or maybe enjoying your favourite restaurant or take away together. 

However, given the current restrictions, why not give Valentines traditions a healthy twist and make the most of it by cooking up a storm together at home.

This week for our Valentines special, we have put together a 3 course Valentine’s Day menu for you. (Keeping up with this month’s theme “Fibre February”, the fibre content of each meal is included on the menu.) Click on the links below the menus to take you straight to each recipe! Add it to your meal plan and finalize your shopping list on time for Sunday!  

Don’t forget to tag us in your recipe creations this weekend and let us know how they turn out #daveynutrition”


Smokey Bacon Sweet Potato Cakes

Almond Coated Fried Chicken


Strawberry and Pomegranate Salad

Moroccan Quinoa Salad

Chicken & Apple Walnut Salad

Steak with Sweet Potato & Parsnip Chips

Tuscan Salmon

Spicy Green Coconut Curry

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Espresso Frozen Yoghurt

Oats & Almond Apple Crumble

Have a LOVEly weekend everyone!

This blog post & menu was created by our daveynutrition nutrition intern Heather Masterson. Heather is in her third year of a BSc in Public Health Nutrition in GMIT. Upon completion of her degree, Heather aspires to gain experience and work in the area of performance nutrition. Keep an eye out for more posts from Heather!