I don’t know where to start

 I don’t know where to start?

This is something I have felt myself so often when a task or goal just feels overwhelming. Personally, it’s usually work related goals and tasks that can really challenge my thinking. How I break these down is usually through conversations and breaking things down into small parts using simple tools like a journal or diary. 

If I get lost in thoughts of how much there is to do or allow my self-talk to become focused on all the work that needs to be done it can lead to a total lack of motivation or efficiency. I have to be straight up about this one but organisation of tasks and planning is not something that comes easy! I have had to work on it but here are the tools and tasks that have really helped me and I think they can be used for many goals or tasks. 


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The things that help me become more organised and effective:

  1. Use my diary to organise all events and know what the week ahead looks like. This immediately helps to create clarity on where each event fits.
  2. Write down the key tasks and aim to have a high level priority list. I bought a white board and find it brilliant for keeping track of tasks and mind mapping ideas.
  3. Work in realistic blocks of time and try to stick to a single task, avoid jumping from one thing to another.
  4. Talk through the tasks with a colleague, friend or family member. What I have learned is that it helps to talk through things with someone who is familiar with your goal but the main thing is they are interested in helping you. Sometimes all you need to do is talk about the goal and hear the words aloud to make simple breakthroughs and find the spark needed to get you motivated.
  5. Aim to get the most important tasks or those that require the most focus early in the day as we are usually at our most effective earlier in the day.
  6. Always plan movement as part of your day and routine, it will help to maintain your energy levels, motivation and clarity on your tasks without getting burned out.
  7. Take a moment to review your day when you get finished, what have you completed and how did you feel about the work you have done. If there are tasks you did well take satisfaction from that and if there tasks you need to finish then write down some thoughts on how you will attack the task the next day. 


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People work effectively in different ways, some work better in the morning and others in the evening.  What is important is that you learn how you work best and create a performance plan. It really can help you achieve your goals in the most efficient way.

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