Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Christmas gift ideas 2022

Christmas Gift Ideas 2022 – With Christmas fast approaching, I am sure there are some of you (like me) yet to pick up a present for a loved one you almost forgot, or just don’t know what to get this year!



  • Which Christmas gift guide – for health and lifestyle 
  • Alcohol and Christmas
  • Christmas recipes to make


Which Christmas Gift Guide

A daveynutrition Gift Voucher

A Gift Voucher for our next Empower Program 

My new book – Eat Up The Next Level

A pilates course from Margaret Walsh physiotherapy 

Yoga from Infinity Hot Yoga

Skin treatment from Eavanna Breen 

GPC Performance Membership

Physio with SPARC Ireland 

Cooking with Trisha Lewis of Trisha’s Transformation 

Coaching with Larry Doyle Coaching 

Sports massage with Andrii Mahan Neuromuscular Physiotherapy



Alcohol and Christmas

It may not be realistic to expect yourself to abstain from alcohol over the Christmas period, with loved ones calling and occasions that call for a few glasses of red wine or creamy pints. Instead of setting unrealistic expectations for yourself, or even throwing it all out the window, think about what you can do to minimise the side effects.

Hangovers and the negative effects of alcohol can be minimised by a number of common-sense strategies. However, this advice should not be seen as an endorsement of heavy drinking or a manifesto to help you “get away” with doing so. In short, eat some nutritious slow-digesting food before you start drinking, drink in moderation, don’t mix your drinks, opt for lighter drinks such as seltzers rather than beer, wine or hard liquor, and drink some water while drinking and before you go to bed. 

If you ignore all of these things and end up drinking more than you should, don’t compound matters by eating processed foods that provide no support to your recovery. Focus on rehydrating the next day, adding a pinch of salt and fruit juice to your water and eating foods with a high water content such as fruit and vegetables and including smoothies, or soups. Ensure that your meals the next day contain a good quality source of protein (eggs, fish, meat, chicken, yoghurt), prioritise intake of healthy fats (salmon, mackerel, avocado, nuts and seeds) as well as fibre (wholegrains, pulses, legumes, nuts & seeds). You could choose to have meals such as frittata, tuscan salmon, chicken burger, meatballs or a heart soup

A cup of coffee and some movement can really help to bring you back to life and make you feel better. Even a light half an hour walk in the fresh air will be a big help –  even if you don’t feel better right away, you will feel better for doing something!

Check out this blog for more information and tips on how to manage alcohol consumption



Christmas is a very special time of the year to reconnect with friends and family and in doing so sharing meals and treats together.

What Christmas food to make


Cranberry and Pecan Granola

Pro-Espresso Pudding


Roast Tomato Soup

Vegetable Soup 


One Pot Chilli

Beef and Mushroom Stew


Sticky Walnut Loaf

Cherry Chocolate Mousse


G&T Recovery Tea

Vitamin C Booster Juice


Christmas recipes you can make in advance

Chillies and curries are a great option when looking to prepare a meal in advance, particularly over Christmas when the weather is colder. 

Bean Chilli

Lentil Curry with Roasted Balsamic Potatoes

Christmas recipes you can freeze ahead 

Beef and Mushroom Stew

Chorizo Meatballs

Christmas recipe ideas and inspiration 

daveynutrition’s Top 10 Festive Treats 


Great gift ideas Christmas 2022

Daveynutrition hoodie

Move clothing – A great Irish brand and I really like the jumpers 

High quality Massage gun 

Aftershokz headphones – Wireless bone conducting headphones

Bluelight Blocking glasses (learn more at or from The College of Optometrists)

Kitchen Knife Set 

Rocktanium non-stick pots and pans

Red Wine: 19 Crimes, Chateaux Sissan, Saint Emillion

FlipBelt great for carrying phone and keys while running.

Wall Cups which are available on amazon

The Secret lab chairs – incredibly comfortable with great back support

Christmas Gift for boyfriend or husband

Crew fibre hair product

Caviar moisturiser

Biosen deodorant