Daniel Davey Podcast List Part 2



In the recent months, I have been lucky enough to be a guest on a number of different podcasts, hosted by a variety of different people, all experts in their own right. 

Podcasts are a great way of picking up new information and insights from experts, as well as a source of entertainment that is free and so easily accessible.

I really enjoy sharing information that has the potential to make a difference to people’s lives and empowering others to take ownership of their nutrition and lifestyle and podcasts are a great way of doing that! 

Below is a list of the most recent podcasts that I have been involved in.  They cover a wide range of topics, from performance nutrition practices to mindset and non-negotiables. 

March 2022 

Petey Performance Podcast

Peter Wright is a strength & conditioning coach, rugby coach and businessman.

I join him on his podcast to discuss:

  • Importance of purpose in your work and autonomy
  • daveynutrition community
  • Guiding clients to make real changes
  • Leaving Leinster rugby and transitioning fully online

April 2021 

The Cure Podcast 

The Pursuit of Happiness: “Try again. Fail again. Fail Better”. In this podcast I sit down to talk to talk with Con & Dinney, hosts of The Cure Podcast. 

During our chat, we discuss: 

  • What is performance nutrition
  • Our personal relationship with food
  • Removing negative emotions around food
  • Using knowledge and expertise of nutrition to help a loved one 

 March 2021

Ubuntu Nutrition Podcast 

I chat with performance nutritionist and cofounder of research bites Patrick McCarthy .

An enjoyable conversation with Patrick, we discuss:

  • Ear to the ground experience
  • My journey career to date
  • Tips for parents on introducing new foods
  • A realistic approach to nutrition
  • Practicing self compassion and giving yourself a break

Quinn Strength GAA & Gym Podcast 

I joined Oisin Quinn on his podcast. Oisin is a Strength and Conditioning Coach based in Derry, Ireland. 

On this episode discuss: 

  • How to make lasting improvements in your nutrition 
  • Tips for cooking & preparation 
  • Pre match nutrition & diet

January 2021

The Gen Pop Podcast 

In this episode, I talk to Personal Trainer, Coach and people helper, Larry Doyle.

We discuss:

  • Achieving health and performance goals
  • Making sustainable changes
  • Enjoying food and what it means to me
  • Mindset around your plate and lifestyle

The ART Health Solutions Podcast

In this podcast I chat with Phill Bell, Chief Operations Officer at ART. Phill has a wealth of experience and knowledge, I really enjoyed sharing my own insights and points of view with him. 

We discuss: 

  • Nudges, standards and habits
  • Sustainability and culture creation
  • Impact on food on our lives 
  • How everyone has the potential to improve their performance
  • Insights into the world of elite sports 

Alive and Kicking with Clare McKenna 

In this podcast titled; The Plant-Based Revolution, Clare McKenna chats with Dr Alan Desmond, James Heriot and myself about various aspects of ‘health’. 

Covered in this podcast: 

  • Dr Alan Desmond on his book “The Plant Based Diet Revolution- 28 Days to a Happier, Healthier You”
  • I discuss my recent findings of a case study involving vegan footballers
  • James Heriot’s unexpected lung cancer diagnoses at 38

December 2020 

The JCC Podcast 

I sit down with Josh Cowan to discuss all things performance nutrition. Josh is a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach. 

We discuss: 

  • My journey to date
  • How you can improve your own performance through nutritional strategies 
  • Meal timing, pre & post workout considerations 
  • My non-negotiables 

September 2020

Food For Thought 

On this podcast, I speak with Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, founder of Rhitrition. We dive into:

  • The importance of diet on our goals and physical development
  • Latest research in sports nutrition
  • Impact of nutrition on performance, skill and recovery

August 2020

The Brian Keane Podcast 

In this podcast I speak with Irish Fitness Entrepreneur Brian Keane . We dive into all things food psychology, dietary choices and taking back ownership of your nutrition.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Taking full ownership of your nutrition to hit any goal you set for yourself
  • Nutritional psychology of knowledge, skill and motivation and how it impacts our behaviours
  • Importance of having personal engagement or “skin in the game” with your food plan
  • How to find or create motivation by figuring out what your ultimate goal is when it comes to your diet

July 2020

Unlocked with Emma 

In this podcast, I sit down to chat with Emma Connolly. We discuss:

  • Nutrition in schools
  • Negative connotations with food
  • Fuel requirements for male and females

June 2020

The Prymal Podcast 

In this episode, I speak about how working with people goes much deeper than simple food programming, how understanding purpose and personality is important for goal setting, how why we eat and how we eat is often just as important as what we eat and much more.

This episode focuses on Nutrition, Performance, Purpose and Personal Growth. We discuss:

  • It’s not just a food program
  • The value of understanding purpose and personality
  • Importance of why we eat and how we eat
  • Goal setting

May 2020

The Business of Wellbeing 

I chat with Mark O’Reilly on the Business of Wellbeing podcast. We discuss:

  • Building new habits
  • Setting goals
  • Creating a plan around nutrition for the whole family

Inside Education 

I sit down with Sean Delaney who uses his podcast to give an Irish perspective on education for all who value teaching

We discuss: 

  • Nutrition and education 
  • What made me decide to study nutrition 
  • Memories of my youth 
  • My message to students

Feb 2020

Shane Walsh Fitness Podcast 

Shane Walsh is an MNU Qualified Nutritionist and Online Coach.

I join him on his podcast to discuss:

  • Working with professional athletes
  • Creating habits
  • Meal preparation
  • Fuelling strategies around game and training
  • My book “Eat Up and Raise Your Game”