Investing in employee health pays off. When people are fit, healthy and have good lifestyle habits they feel better and perform better. Daniel has worked with businesses over the past 7 years to provide tailored nutrition guidance to help individuals and organisations achieve high performance in the work place. Daniel has the skills, knowledge and experience to help people understand in simple terms how to build better nutrition and lifestyle habits to help perform at their best every day in a high performance environment.


daveynutrition aims to partner with brands and companies that are aligned to our philosophy and belief on nutrition, health, performance and wellbeing. Our aim is to bring greater visibility to the best food products and services on the market through high quality and creative content suited to each individual brand or product.

Nutrition should not be over complicated and should always be made as simple as possible for people to understand and implement. daveynutrition streamlines information and aims to deliver messages in a simple but engaging manner while avoiding confusion.

Daniel’s Performance Nutrition Clinic

My primary focus is developing individualised nutrition strategies for achieving specific performance related goals. In order to achieve this, I believe in providing information in a step by step, understandable, practical and enjoyable manner.

Reality Bites – It is worth mentioning that improving lifestyle habits and achieving performance goals takes time, hard work and consistency. You will need to come with an open mind and a readiness to learn.

Performance Nutrition Clinic

  • One to one consultations
  • Online consultations
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Nutrition resources
  • Meal plans
  • Body composition testing


After natural talent and appropriate training, an adequate diet is known to be the next most important element for enhancing the training and performance of sports people.

Here are a sample of the types of performance nutrition talks delivered to teams:

  • How to build better habits for health and performance
  • Practical ways to improve your teams performance nutrition strategies, on and off the field
  • Nutrition for reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass
  • Periodised nutrition education strategies
  • Interactive problem solving nutrition sessions
  • Practical cooking demos


Corporate nutrition talks tailored towards improving mental and physical well-being for performance

1-1 Consultation


Practical Sessions

Healthy Menus



Paul Mannion

Quality nutrition has been my number one priority for a number of years now. Without it, I simply am not able to perform at my physical best regardless of the amount of training I do. Daniel has been a huge support to me since I joined the Dublin football team at 19, helping me through key stages of physical development with tailored nutrition guidance every step of the way

Paul Mannion - Dublin Senior Footballer

Winner of 4 all Ireland medals

Paul Flynn

I always looked for an edge when it came to my preparation for performance and nutrition became a core element of this later in my career. It was mainly due to the support, education and guidance from Daniel Davey. The key things he helped me with was managing my fuel intake around training, adding variety and spices to my meals and the importance of meal preparation in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet for performance.
Nutrition is more than just eating well. It is a lifestyle choice and a lot of it is down to good habit formation. Daniel also helped me form the habits I needed to perform at my peak.

Paul Flynn - Dublin Senior Footballer

Winner of 5 all Ireland medals

Bernard Brogan

Daniel opened my eyes to the importance of nutrition to my performance. My diet and work with Daniel was integral to my return from long term injury, his passion for food and gaining an edge is infectious and driven us all to be better athletes.

Bernard Brogan - Dublin Senior Footballer

Winner of 5 all Ireland medals

Sean O’Brien

Daniel not only gave me an insight of what was needed in terms of nutrition for performance but explained it simply and backed it up with incredible detail and science! By far the best performance nutritionist I’ve ever worked with over the past 14 years as a professional athlete

Sean O'Brien

Leinster Rugby and Irish International Rugby Player

Lilly-Ann O’Hora

Nutrition can be quite a daunting topic of conversation for so many of us, but with Daniel its made so simple! Daniel has enabled me, equipped me and supported my nutritional learning experience and made it that much easier to prepare myself effectively for competition and training ! My mind is finally at ease when it comes to fulling and food all thanks to Daniel and I will always be grateful to have the opportunity to learn from his wealth of knowledge

Lilly-Ann O’Hora

100 m hurdler

Diane Slattery

I can’t express my gratitude enough for Daniel Davey. He has taught me to put my health and nutrition first. I have so much more energy and I am more mindful of my food choices and portion sizes. Since January 2018 too December 2018 I have lost 22 kilos, 3 stone 4lbs. The food plan was tailored around me and the foods that I eat. I never looked at it as a diet, it was genuinely a lifestyle change. I highly recommend Daniel too anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Diane Slattery

Nikki Evans

If you want to be the best, you have to work with the best. There is no doubt that Daniel is one of the best around. He is working with 2 of the most successful teams in Ireland. He practices what he preaches, has a wealth of knowledge and understands the demands of elite sport. He has helped me massively understand the importance of nutrition and recovery. He has changed my perspective on nutrition in terms of fueling up properly to be able to consistently perform at my best during a long competitive season

Nikki Evans

Irish Hockey Player - World Cup 2018 Silver Medalist

Cillian Reardon

While working with Daniel I consider the changes I’ve made in my nutrition as being a key margin of competitive advantage over those I’m competing against. Educating myself and establishing genuine performance nutrition habits has greatly improved my ability to maintain a busy life and still train with the intensity required to compete professionally. Quality nutrition habits are crucial for me to make weight and still be full of energy when I get in the ring.

Cillian Reardon

Professional Boxer


Recipes for meals that are quick, easy to prepare and taste great, whatever your goal.