Elevate your performance with incredible foods fully tailored to your health or performance goal!

The Premium Subscription plan will allow you to build your own recipe plan that perfectly aligns to your lifestyle or performance schedule. You can customise your own personal meal plan with expertly developed recipes perfectly aligned to your health or training goal for peak performance and long term health.

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Free Subscription
  • Expertly created recipes for any health or performance goal
  • 4 new recipes added every month
  • A one stop shop for meal ideas and nutrition information
  • Filter recipes to suit your daily nutrition needs
  • Create you own meal plans using a highly customisable recipe planner
  • Macro nutrient and calorie calculator
  • Print your meal plans
  • Print your shopping list
  • Full nutrition analysis for each recipe
  • Nutrition articles on health and performance written by nutrition experts

This full day seminar is aimed at people who want to grow their understanding of nutrition and take their habits and behaviors to the next level. You will learn about the key strategies that will help you to achieve health and performance goals, while most importantly sustaining those results.

Apart from a delicious FREE lunch!

Have you ever STRUGGLED with your nutrition or felt you can’t perform at your best because you just don’t know what is right to eat?
Have you ever felt OVERWHELMED by nutrition information and strategies or UNSURE of what your nutrition should look like to reach your goal?
Are you looking for an EDGE - something extra that can help you reach your performance potential?
If you answered yes to ANY of these then there is no doubt in my mind that you will benefit from this event.