Performance Recipes Explained

The recipes are split into 3 main categories based on the nutrition profile of the recipe

Active recipes – Everyday recipes

Nutritious low / moderate carbohydrate recipes suitable where your activity is on a low scale of intensity.

Intensive recipes

Nutritious higher carbohydrate recipes designed to energise the body and support high performance exercise and competition.

Recovery recipes

Nutritious mixed meal recipes with carbohydrate and protein, designed to help the body recover, heal and adapt after exercise.


  • You have different energy requirements each day depending on your level of physical activity. Align your food choices to your level of physical activity.
  • Eat for your specific exercise needs – there are different nutrient and energy requirements depending on your age, gender, goal, sport or discipline.
  • Choose recipes that are higher in carbohydrate if you are doing a significant level of physical activity or high intensity exercise for a prolonged period (>60 minutes).
  • Choose mixed meal recipes with carbohydrate and protein if your goal is to recover and repair your body after exercise.

Recipes have been categorised based on the amount of carbohydrate contained in the recipe. Higher carbohydrate recipes are appropriate for people who have exercised that day or who have expended a significant amount of energy through physical activity. For example, if you have completed a high intensity interval session, gone for an intense 6-10 km run or a 70 minute high intensity team sport training session then your meals that day should contain a higher proportion of carbohydrate.

If you have not completed any physical activity other than walking, then your need for both energy and carbohydrate will be much lower than if you have exercised intensely or expended significant energy through physical activity. Of course any of the recipes can be eaten on any given day if it fits your specific need for calories but it makes it easier to make an informed recipe choice based on your goal.

Remember the framework is based on carbohydrate and not energy, a meal that contains a low or moderate level of carbohydrate can still be high in energy! And of course portion size is also a critical factor when calculating your need for energy and macro nutrients.

Recipe Framework

Activity / Exercise Name Recipe Type Objective
Low & Moderate Levels of Exercise Active recipes Lower carbohydrate
High protein
Higher fibre
Stable Energy
Moderate & High Intensity Exercise Intensive Recipes Higher carbohydrate
High / moderate protein
Lower fibre
Moderate & High Intensity Exercise Recovery Recipes High / moderate carbohydrate
High / moderate protein
Moderate fibre


Recipes for meals that are quick, easy to prepare and taste great, whatever your goal.